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Metal Recycling Kokomo, IN

Regardless of its age and size, scrap metal is not waste. In fact, the U.S. recycles tons of scrap metal for the production of new goods annually. Because of metal’s ability to retain its properties even after prolonged use, metal recycling in Kokomo, IN has been regarded as a profitable business by many.

OmniSource is a scrapyard company that performs metal recycling in Kokomo, IN. We purchase all kinds of metal, including soda cans, household appliances, and beat-up automobiles. Haul over your scrap metal to our lot! We’ll strive to offer you the best possible price on the market.

Metal Recycling in Kokomo, IN: A Sustainable Way to Make Quick Money

The benefits of metal recycling in Kokomo, IN go beyond allowing anyone to earn fast, hard cash. Mining and refining metal ores into reusable materials require an extensive and costly process. On the other hand, experts can easily perform metal recycling in Kokomo, IN to create renewed opportunities for its use and manage mine tailings with increased efficiency.

Metal Recycling in Kokomo, IN Saves Energy

Through metal recycling in Kokomo, IN, the greenhouse gas that’s emitted during operations of metal production can be decreased. That means reduced pollution and lowered negative impact on the ecosystems.

The substantial amount of energy that’s used also becomes smaller. Think of this in terms of large-scale productions, and you get substantial energy savings that the simple act of metal recycling in Kokomo, IN can provide.

In the industry, a large percentage of metal production comes from metal recycling. Kokomo, IN scrapyard companies often buy all kinds of recyclables with metal in them as a result.

Some examples of on-demand scraps for metal recycling in Kokomo, IN are copper and steel. Copper also doesn’t depreciate much in value once recycled, which makes it a common target for metal recycling in Kokomo, IN.

Metal Recycling in Kokomo, IN Saves Natural Resources

Removing the need for new materials in the production of goods, metal recycling in Kokomo, IN contributes to the conservation of natural resources. Metal recycling in Kokomo, IN helps conserve pounds of iron ore, coal, and limestone. Because water is used in great quantities during the manufacturing of metals, it’s also a resource metal recycling in Kokomo, IN can help save.

These savings brought by metal recycling in Kokomo, IN can be used to construct new infrastructure or even power millions of homes for a time. The figures only go up when you add in the cost savings achievable by skipping the shipping of virgin ores from the mines to production facilities.

Metal Recycling in Kokomo, IN Reduces Landfill Utilization

New materials increase the possibilities of waste, and by extension, the demand on landfills. These sites are fast to eat up useful space, which can be reclaimed or saved through metal recycling. Kokomo, IN residents have various options to get cold, hard cash, but through metal recycling in Kokomo, IN, they get to earn a few bucks while being socially responsible.

Safety Gear for Metal Recycling in Kokomo, IN

As with any pursuit, safety must be a priority. Metal recycling in Kokomo, IN is not without risks, and you should know how to properly perform metal recycling in Kokomo, IN without hurting yourself. Here’s a few safety gear you can wear for metal recycling in Kokomo, IN:

  • Safety Glasses for Metal Recycling in Kokomo, IN
  • Safety Shoes
  • Gloves
  • A Wielding Mask
  • A Reflective Vest
  • A First Aid Kit

Turn to Our Experts in Metal Recycling in Kokomo, IN, and Earn Fast Cash!

Do you have piles of metal cluttering your property? Bring them over to our junkyard! Our staff members are experts at getting to the good stuff of metal scraps and turning them into reusable materials. We can also pay you cold, hard cash for any piece of junk that has valuable metal in it. Contact us at (765) 454-5800 to request a quote or learn more about metal recycling in Kokomo, IN. You can learn more about the benefits of metal recycling here:

OmniSource, Your Eco-Friendly Recycling Company

OmniSource is one of the country’s biggest processors and distributors of scrap and secondary metals. Our company buys radiators, steel and iron, stainless steel, and automobiles. We also purchase all grades of copper, aluminum, and brass.

Our company uses the latest equipment to make reusable materials out of scrap metals. Feel free to bring your materials even if they have non-metal components. Our professionals know how to recover reusable metals out of scrap materials. Click here to view our brochure.

What We Buy

Do you have any metal scraps in your property you want to get rid of? You can make money out of discarded materials. Click here to view our FAQs. Here are the following things you may bring us:


Earn money from your old vehicle. Drive or have your car towed to any of our yards in Michigan, Central Indiana, Northern Indiana, or Ohio. Take note that most states require a title in order for you to sell your vehicle. Vehicles sold to us need a properly executed title with complete signatures and free from any liens.

In case you lost your title, we do accept legal duplicate titles. Get in touch with your local Department of Motor Vehicle office and ask about the process.


If you have lamps, fixtures, or decor at home that you no longer use, then bring it to us. We buy all grades of brass.

Stainless Steel

You may sell us the old pots and pans in your kitchen. Our company buys housewares that are made from stainless steel.


Our company accepts all grades of aluminum. You may bring in the following materials to our branches:

  • Cans
  • Wheels
  • Wires
  • Patio Furniture
  • Screen Door and Window Frames
  • Sidings, Gutters, and Downspouts

Steel and Iron

We buy different appliances and machinery. Feel free to sell us appliances, such as air conditioner units, stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters. Please note that some of our branches also accept automobile parts and batteries.

We also accept the following:

  • Cast Iron
  • Steel Railing
  • Steel Patio Furniture
  • Farm Machinery
  • Lawn Mower
  • Steel Wheels
  • Gas Grills
  • Cables, Fences, and Wires


We buy all grades of copper. Feel free to sell us the following:

  • Insulated Wire
  • Extension Cords
  • Christmas Lights
  • Plumbing and Tubing
  • Valves and Connections
  • Electric Motors (i.e., Saws, Old Drills, and Ceiling Fans)

Unacceptable Recycling Materials at OmniSource

Please note that our company does not accept materials containing harmful substances or anything prohibited by federal, state, or local law. Here are the following items:

  • Materials With Printed Circuit Board (i.e., Fluorescent Light Ballasts, Capacitors, and Transformers)
  • Material With Mercury or Asbestos
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Batteries Except for Lead Acid
  • Rail and Municipal Scrap
  • Closed or Pressurized Tanks or Cylinders
  • Beer Kegs


Our company may ask individuals selling their items to show proof of ownership during the transaction. Get in touch with one of our yards to learn if your item is acceptable.

Our Safety Policy

We put a premium on our customer’s safety while they visit any of our locations. For safety and security, we require our customers to stay in designated areas only. Children and pets are also required to stay in the vehicle.

Here are other pointers for our customers:

  • Listen to instructions from our employees and follow the posted
  • Wear the required shirt and shoes when you enter the yard.
  • Be careful with trip hazards, such as loose materials.
  • Be on the lookout for moving equipment.
  • Drive carefully and be mindful of other customers and employees.

Pick-Up Policy

Our company values customer service. To make things convenient for our customers, we offer pick-up services for those with large quantities of scrap. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn whether your material is acceptable in our facilities.

Location and Business Hours

Our business hours vary by location. We have several yards located across Northern and Central Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, and Ohio. We look forward to serving you!